Roger Karlsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. At age 5 Roger began his study of music. He started on the piano, which was an instrument both his older siblings had played. At age 7 Roger developed an interest in other instruments. Drums were one of his favorites. After studying drums for 7 years and playing with various bands and youth orchestras Roger auditioned for one of Sweden's most famous and prestigious youth orchestras, at the time called Vinddraget. He passed the audition and was accepted to play drums and percussion on all the orchestra's European tours. This was a big step and the first foray into show business for the young teenager.

During Vindraget's breaks Roger played drums and percussion in various musicals and concert bands in and around Sweden. He also made numerous recordings with regional artists and soon became a full-time professional musician.

At the age of 18 Roger started two of his own musical groups. Both Corn on the Cob and Tant Drake played electric Jazz. In both groups Roger wrote the music and played drums. After releasing three live recordings in Europe Roger decided to take Corn on the Cob to the US and relocated in Los Angeles, CA. After 2 years and many live performances Corn on the Cob disbanded. Afterward Roger played with several bands in Los Angeles, among the many were The Rise, Mice and Men, Shane, Ollie Olsson, and Hinti.

At the age 24 Roger moved to San Diego, CA, where he began working with many great local jazz artists like Anthony Ortega, Dave Pike, Lisa Hightower, Jason Weber and many more. Currently, Roger is still performing and writing music in his hometown of San Diego.