Jack W. Hill began his musical training at eight years of age. His guitar teacher was Professor William Scrapper. At the age of eleven, Jack began playing the cello under the tutelage of Professor Neiberg from Germany. At the age of twelve, Jack began performing in local bands on the electric bass. At fourteen, Jack took an interest in the trombone.

Jack became the first student in the San Diego High School District to perform with the orchestra (on cello) and concert band (on trombone). Under the supervision of Dr. Donald Artemis, Jack learned all the string and brass instruments before graduating from Lincoln High in San Diego, California. He was honored with receiving the Bank of America Scholarship in Music Award.

Although given a scholarship in music from Williamette University in Oregon, Jack decided to accept an offer to "go on the road" with numerous musicals groups including the "Ike and Tina Turner Revue", the 'Wolf Man Jack Show", Jackie Wilson, Etta JamesBo Diddley, J.J. Jackson, Joe Sample, and Bobby Womack. By then Jack had added the Hammond B-3 electronic organ and Fender Rhodes Piano, and vocals to his musical repertoire. In addition to club dates, concerts, and recording sessions, Jack continues performing live, arranging and composing music.

Personal Information

I am now 57 I am now 57 years old. I've been married to Linda (a singer) for 38 years. We have 3 children, Jack, Jaclin, and Rhapsody. At present we now have 10 grandchildren, Jack III, Jedaki, Jenesis, Sabrina, Jasmine, Katlyn, Melody, Lauren, Issac, and Isaiah.

My teaching objectives
I use music instruction manuals and cater each lesson to the individual student. I have been teaching for over thirty years with groups and one on one. I believe that the one on one method allows each student to learn and grow musically at their own pace. As my student you will learn how to play your instrument, read and write music, train your ear, and grasp the concept of rhythm.

Instruments I teach
Piano, Hammond Organ, trombone, trumpet, cello, guitar, upright and electric bass.

Ages that I teach
My youngest student was 5, my oldest has been 70. I truly believe that it is not your age but your attitude that's important when learning music.

The student's responsibility
No matter how accomplished a teacher may be, the student has the responsibility of setting aside specific amounts of time each day to practice. Remember, it is not "practice makes perfect", but "perfect practice that makes perfect!"

My affiliation with Encinitas School of Music
I share the same goals and aspirations of ESOM. We both reach out to the community. The benefits are well documented. Music students make better math students, read better, have more self-discipline, and generally are more happy people.

The Rhythm Kings
The Soul Sons
The Soul Brothers
Jazz Omibus
The 5th Set
“Big Daddy” Rucker
Funk LTD

House Band @ “Jazzville”
(Jackie Wilson, Bobby Womack, Brenton Wood)
House Band “Bacherlor Flats”
(Etta James, Tyrone Davis, Shorty Long)
J. J. Jackson
Wolfman Jack Show
(Etta James, The Righteous Brothers, The Shirell’s, Little Eva, The Drifter’s, The Blossoms, The Intruders)

The Road Runners
General Soul Assembly
Beat Incorporated

The MJB’s
The Zodiack’s

Ike and Tina Turner Revue

The Power Formula
John Henry
Bo Diddly

The Brotherhood
Holy Smoke!
Clean Sweep

Power House
Christian Hastings Band
Cuerdas String Quartet

The Bell Brothers

Frankie D and Funk Natra Band

Kim Horn and Friends 

Reggie Smith 

Brad Rambur Quartet 
Wolf Marshall Trio